Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Moment in the Life of a Comic Book Artist's Wife

Play Nice!

Quite often my mothering skills have to bleed over into the comic book world. Perhaps some would call this micro managing. I call it necessary. My husband is one-of-a-kind and you know that these posts are usually written to poke fun at him and comic books in general. But know, if you are a fan reading this post, that I appreciate you. You make my family's life possible. You pay the bills, you take us to the movies on family day, you make our world go 'round so to speak. So, thank you.

***Warning: This post will have some foul language so please be warned and if this offends you, then please don't read this. ***

Here is a list of some of the things that Mama Bird has had to say to both my husband and the comic book world this week:

1. Tony, you are funny, big-mouthed, a great artist, and generally an all around good guy. HOWEVER, words like (deep breath) "fucker", "cocksucker", "shithook", and the like are probably to be used minimally on twitter, Sweetie. Those that know you or follow your twitter know that you have your rants will probably not be offended. More than likely, they will think you are hilarious. But there's always that one reader who will be offended. Yes, I know they can stop reading, but play nice, okay?

2. You're giving your editor anxiety attacks, ulcers, and other stress-related illnesses. Finish the book or you'll go to bed without supper!

3. (This to all those who are on Twitter, Facebook, Message Boards, etc.) Teenagers have commited suicide over internet bullying. Adults should know better.

4. Just because it's a pee diaper doesn't make it less toxic than a poo diaper, and putting it on a comic book you don't like does not equal putting it in the trash. Yes, I do agree that comic book is trash, but still!

5. Perhaps it's the Italian-American in me or just plain being a mom, but if you eff with my family, you eff with me. Those who know me know that is a bad thing.

6. Klingons suck!

7. Tony, calm down! If I told you that I like long hair on men, would that make you feel better?

8. Tony? Where are you? I can't see you... Maybe it's time to shave, Blackbeard, or I'm gonna tie some canon fuses to that tangled mess myself!

9. Did I mention Klingons suck?

10. Egos run high with celebrity. Is Tony Harris a celebrity? Not in my house! But he is very popular.


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

Woman, I don't know how you do it??? I think you are AMAZING! The crap you deal with on a regular basis...there should be a comic book award out there for the wives and you would totally win! I love you and tell that man to clean up his act! Oh and klingons do suck!

Everyday Goddess said...

It's good he has you to balance him out. You sound very wise to me.

Tony Harris said...

As usual, my brilliant wife NAILED it. Jeebus last night was something else. We woke up exhasted. OOp that sounded REALLY weird, didn't it.


Tony Harris said...

As usual, my brilliant wife NAILED it. Jeebus last night was something else. We woke up exhasted. OOp that sounded REALLY weird, didn't it.


Stacie said...

Thank you guys.

Honey- i love you

Anonymous said...

your husband is reading your blog? you've lost your mind...

when are we having a GNO?

and yes, those stupid internet bullies suck. i say throw the pee pee diaper at them.

Melissa Wiley said...

Stacie, what a treat to discover your blog! Hard to believe it's already been two years since we met in Barcelona. Will you be at SDCC this year?

Lissa Peterson (Scott-from-WildStorm's wife)

Gledwood said...

How long does it actually TAKE to draw cartoons? Surely not that long. Tell him to hurry up!!

Stacie said...

Gledwood- Oh, he's a drawing demon but a little "encouragement" in the form of a well, command, or guilt, or whatever works helps! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

phd in yogurtry said...

Instead of two thumbs down, it's one pee diaper down, eh?