Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have You Noticed?

So I am in the evil Wally World (I think most know this means Walmart) today, and I am standing in the curtain aisle checking out this and that and out of the blue one of those people you see there that wears one of those blue vests comes over and says, "Is there something in particular your looking for?" BAM!... You know what that was? No, it wasn't Emeril... It was me falling over from shock! I actually went into a Walmart and was not only approached by an employee, but was also offered help unsolicited!! After gaining composure I put myself bodily between this person (who clearly had lost his mind) and my two-year-old and backed away slowly.

Later, I went to McDonalds to get said two-year-old some chicken nuggets for lunch. I ordered myself an unsweet tea which they now put into large styrofoam cups. While Two-year-old handles her drink with diligence and care, Mommy goes to pick up her tea and the styrofoam cup slips right out of her not-paying-attention-to-what-she's-doing hands. Tea went everywhere and I couldn't even blame the toddler who was still sucking away on her drink (but stopped sucking long enough to announce to the restaurant that, "Mommy made a mess!").

So I slink over to the counter sheepishly and ask for a mop (it was my mess after all, according to Two-year-old). The young girl behind the counter did what? Looked at me crossways, you say? Nay! Huffed and got the mop? No way! She handed me paper towels so that I could dry my pants and said, "Those new styrofoam cups are so slick! Don't you worry about nothing, Ma'am! I'll get it!" BAM! Hello Floor, I've missed you!

So, now I had just enough time to get to the grocery store and then pick up 10-year-old from school. Well, I had had enough time before my illness for thrift stores deterred me from my plan. After leaving my favorite second-hand-store, I realized that I would not have enough time to go across town to my beloved Publix supermarket. So, I sucked it up and drove to the Kroger which is five minutes from 10-year-old's school. I hate this Kroger. I hate most Krogers because the employees act like they are doing court ordered community service rather than making a paycheck. So I gather Two-year-old and my purse and go in to grab a few necessities (like Oreos). The sliding doors open and there, in a red vest this time, is an older gentleman who says, "Welcome to Kroger! You've got your arms full... Let me get a cart for you." BAM! BAM! BAM!!!!! Does someone have smelling salts?

Events such as these... these, unexplained occurrences of humanity are becoming more and more frequent. Husband and I have been discussing this for several weeks now. Invariably, one of us comes home with an incredulous story of customer service...

Now, I know that you've probably forgotten what those words mean so I took the liberty of going to Wikipedia for a definition:

Customer service

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

We have decided that due to the poor economy, these huge corporations are pushing customer service in order to compete with other stores. Even Walmart is feeling the burn. People are tired, depressed and broke. They only have so much money to spend and they don't want to spend it where they are treated badly. They even might be able to scrape a few more dollars together for something extra if the shopping experience is pleasant.

We do have a second explanation: Aliens have taken over the bodies of retail employees nationwide.

But really, what fun is it if some employee in some big store offers to help you? You lose that oh so cheap feeling of having to interrupt their pressing text message to that chick in the produce department. Better to leave the money on the dresser check-out counter and leave.


peeree3 said...

Ace Hardware on Riverside Drive. They scare me!

Victoria said...

I think the simple explanation is that you are in another dimension.

Sarena Shasteen said...

Hello stinky Kroger! I can't say that I have been overwhelmed by the lack of customer service lately...maybe it has not reached us here yet!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Well, it may be aliens, or it may be something i read a year or so ago...
Many large corporations are sending their employees to DISNEYWORLD for customer service training! Disney employees are known worldwide for providing exemplary customer service, and other companies are actually paying Disney to teach their techniques.
The Department of Motor Vehicles has not yet signed on...

Stacie said...

peeree3- I know! They almost stalk you.

victoria- i have been accused of being another dimension several times in my life...this may be one of those times.

Sarena- I am so glad that i have a compatriot in the I hate Kroger campaign.

Ethelmae- You may be right! Disney employees are the nicest on the planet (next to my Publix folk) and many companies would do well to send their employees there to learn a thing or two.

phd in yogurtry said...

Can you spell recession?

And me? I've been complaining lately when the cashier asks, "did you find everything you were looking for?" and I reply, "No, actually. I could not find xyz." It is then their turn to look at me with that "now what am I gonna do" expression.

If you won't help me find it, do not ask.

Oh My Goddess said...

Not happening where I live.

Did I ever tell you I lived in Ocilla GA for like a year? It was with my now ex husband. Back in the late '90's.

I could tell you more over a plate of delicacies from the Lions Club Sunday Buffet. I kinda like sweet tea. ? ?

Stacie said...

Living in Georgia is living in another dimension but Ocilla?? The Lions Club buffet probably had sweet tea that a spoon would stand straight up in.

Madge said...

i am commenting on your blog. do you need more than that from me?

also, i am cleared for GNO tomorrow night.

and yeah, the people at Ace Hardware on Riverside drive are scary helpful

otin said...

All of that help! I was waiting for twilight zone music! LOL

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a nice change of pace. I dare you to go to a Michael's and experience this though!