Monday, August 25, 2008

I Smite Thee O Jackass Who Parketh in the School Car Line!

As I waited in the car line this afternoon for Son to get out of school, the lady in the car in front of me decided that it would be quicker if she GOT OUT OF HER CAR (yes, while the car is still in the single file car line which has now begun to move forward) and WALK to the front of the school to pick up her child. So we, and about 20 cars behind us are blocked from either moving ahead or back. When said jackass returned with jackass son, I got out of my car and asked if she was having car problems. She said "No." So I told the super sized jackass that her parking her car in the car line caused many problems for all in the car line. Jackass replied snidely, "Thank you for the information." I replied, "Well, maybe you'll learn something from the information because IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!" I didn't hear anything after that because jackass's son was simultaneously yelling obscenities at me. He was probably all of 11 years old but not too young to learn jackass ways from jackass mother! Then I told the principal on her.


Louise said...

Good for you for telling the principal. Where people like this get their attitudes is beyond me. And what kind of person is that 11-year-old going to turn out like? God help us!

Jeannie said...

Sorry you had to deal with this jackass - and jackass jr.
This summer I have had a couple similiar moments of seeing how the bad apples don't fall far from the bad apple tree!

Sus said...

Wow I am slack jawed. THe SON was yelling profanities at you? Drama in the pick up line. This sort of thing never fails to make me a little nervous all day. I'm such a conflict avoider.

Madge said...

poor sus does not have kids in school yet -- so she does not know that the majority of parents in the car line are jackasses. what is up with people. they are all stupid.

when are we buying yarn?

Stacie said...

Thank you..Thank you all! I do hope the lady who was behind me in line in the Honda Odyssey with her windows open feels the same way you do!

sari said...

We have this problem at school all the time. This morning, there was a motorcycle cop there. I told him he needed to come back in the afternoon, that was the really bad time.

Guess what...he DID! I can't tell you the joy I got at watching him pull people over, shoo them out of no parking lanes and even *gasp* have a car TOWED.

Oh the joy!!

Jennifer H said...

That can drive me completely mad when it happens. The afternoon is the worst. Insanity.

Stacie said...

Sari you lucky dog!! Watching him have that car towed would have been better than watching Viggo Mortensen (sp?) push thru those wooden doors at Helms Deep in the Two Towers! Slow mo and all! (And you thought you were a geek).

Jennifer- I don't deal with the morning at ALL. Tony does it. He doesn't even have to get mad 'cause he's so damn scary looking. People just get out of his way.

texasholly said...

Oh no she didn't!
Oh no she didn't!
OMG. That is so wrong.