Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MAD MADGE is seriously in TROUBLE!

I have no idea how this award thingy works. I don't know if or how you send it so I am sure you all will let me know. This award is for Madge. It's for making blogging seem so fun (well, it is!) but never telling me that everything else in my life will become obsolete...Okay! Okay! I'm getting the baby her bottle already! It is also for those bloggers whose posts keep us from getting to the things we all need to be doing. Well, maybe need is a too strong a word.

Dearest Madge
Your madness reigns.
I've created this award
in your blessed name.

You painted pictures
of a world divine
where people like me
could speak their mind.

A place where tears
can be we wept unabashed,
and laughter rings
through this internet cache.

An Eden so tempting,
a red apple with appeal.
But Pandora's Box
was cleverly concealed.

So today is your day
to be honored, Fair Queen!
Or perchance might your name
really be EVE?


Madge said...

You are so nice. I didn't know that! JK. Maybe my name is Evil. Maybe that's my name.

sorry I forgot to tell you blogging was going to suck your life away.....

Stacie said...

"Maybe my name is Evil."--

I'm just sayin'..

Irene said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind having one of those. I've had an especially tough day.

Louise said...

What a poet you are!

And Madge definitely deserves the award, and the poem. She's not the BIG culprit in my blogging career, but she definitely egged me into it a bit!

texasholly said...

YEAH! That is so sweet and deserved.

phd in yogurtry said...

No comments on your Towanda post? Towhatssup with that?

sari said...

that's very cool!

Stacie said...

phd- "towhatssup with that?"

okay, i just about peed in my pants!!! I have a new word...well, your new word...towhatssup...that's just plain ol' awesome!

Stacie said...

Everyone- Madge so deserves this. Now she can give it out to whomever she wishes...kinda like knighting someone...with a sword...okay, maybe not with a sword..