Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christmas in August!

Hello Everyone! So it turns out that my three children are all born in August. Evidently, Thanksgiving is more fun than I remember. Tryptophan must be the new date rape drug...anyhow, the birthdays are August 3, 13, and 23. Please don't ask how I managed that. The first two were both inductions so maybe I could've fudged those but the third one (last year) came on her own to my huge delight. (Those of you who have had an induction where the epidural did not work will understand). So August is like a mini Christmas for us financially but strategically it lasts for pretty much the whole month. To add a little something special, school starts in the middle of it all. Why haven't I thrown myself off of a cliff you ask? Because crazy people don't know they're crazy...AND a good dose of any psychopharmaceutical will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The point of this post is that I have a first and thirteenth birthday left to plan (Geez.. must have done something really wrong somewhere). I am going to take a bit of a break to muddle through August. Come September first, I will probaby be either dead or really hungover. See you then!

P.S. I REALLY miss being pregnant. I will hate it when, on the 13th, I will not be able to say "Last year at this time I was pregnant." DH just doesn't understand this at all. Maybe no one does but me.


Louise said...

Oh, you unlucky thing. The three birthdays together might not be so bad, but school starting in the middle is the kicker.

I semi-understand the pregnancy thing. I liked it one time. It was delightful. I liked my tummy being so big that my legs looked small. I liked buying all kinds of cute, new clothes. I liked that it was OK to have elastic waistbands. The second time I didn't like anything about it, though.

Have a nice time off, and if you return hung over, then it will probably be funny to read!

phd in yogurtry said...

You miss being Pg in the month of August? Oy. I was only six months Pg in August for my first and about three months Pg for my second and third ... I was always so glad to NOT be big and Pg during such a hot month.

And in this particular month of August I am very glad to not be Pg at all, again, ever. I'm enjoying tween-size kids. Like right now, they are outside giving me some much needed peace and quiet. No need to supervise.

Enjoy your month of birthdays! I've always thought swimming pool parties would be the best, if I had summer parties to plan.

phd in yogurtry said...

P.S. That is an ADORABLE little flashlight holder : )

Madge said...

but two of them are in school!! they are in school! i hate you.

Stacie said...

Louise- I loved being pg. After the second, extreme PPD and OCD. Even with help it took more than a year to feel happy most of the time. After that, pg didn't seem so bad.

phd- It was hot but I wasn't working during any of them...Worked in between some. I would put my nightgown on, crank the AC (not worried about being green), and watch whatever was on TV. Oh! that picture is from Xmas this year. We do the english cracker thingy. Baby got a flashlight.

Madge- HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!! (Evil laugh)

Sus said...

Wow! THat's quite a month. And you get to decide 3 times whether your kid is going to be really old or really young in school (that's our current agonizing dilemma over here with our aug. 24th kid).

BTW, I miss being pregnant within 3 months of having a baby. It just makes you so special in every way. Bless that heart burn; I just love it.

Stacie said...

SUS- We ended up keeping the Aug 23rd child back in the 5th grade. I should have kept him home until he was would have been much easier on him. His grades were fine but he was so much more immature and getting into trouble. He was homeschooled the year before (our schools are bad here) so when we put him back onto public school (this time an arts magnet school), it wasn't bad for him socially.

Jennifer H said...

"Tryptophan must be the new date rape drug"--that's funny stuff!

Wow, a lot of birthdays. (But you know that!)

sari said...

I love that picture!

I know what you mean about being pregnant, you do miss it! (I do, anyway).

And yes, I have read Good Omens, I thought it was hysterical. Love that sense of humor.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

sari said...

PS I just came back again and had to tell you, I love shucky-ducky as well! ;-)

therapydoc said...

What a shame there's no August 33!