Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Do I Do These Things?!?

I do a lot of stupid things, some of which I attribute to being overworked, exhausted, stressed to breaking point, lack of personal time and space, etc. But then there are really just plain ol' stupid, lights on-no one home, things. I thought I'd share some of them with you...

1. Why do I think that I can go into a Target and get only that which I need, i.e., toilet paper, vacuum bags, batteries, etc.?

2. Why do I rationalize going into Target for said items by saying to myself that Target is so much cheaper than the supermarket when I have never even bothered to see what I pay for these items?

3. Why do I have a serious compulsion to buy things at Target when they have those little orange markdown stickers even if I don't need them or have a place for them?

4. Why can I not leave Target without spending $100 on ...well, I don't know what I bought...where's that receipt?

5. What is so attractive about a red bullseye?

(okay, no more Target)

6. Why do I go into restaurants where they have TVs and sit there, mouth open, staring at a stupid screen that I cannot hear showing some sports event I couldn't care less about? I barely watch my TV at home....what gives?

7. Why do I still judge a book by it's cover knowing full well that photoshop and a crafty publisher can make the worst written crap look good?

8. Why do I bring that glass of Diet Coke to bed with me each night only to wake up to a full glass of flat Diet Coke on my nightstand the next morning?

9. Why do I still think, after being late to just about everything in my life, that I can get out bed and get ready 15 minutes before I have to leave the house?

10. Why do I buy self-help books when clearly they are not working?

Just being a little introspective this evening...Gotta go now. It's bedtime and I haven't poured my Diet Coke yet.

Love to all!


Madge said...

You need to take me to Target with you and I will assure you the whole time that you NEED everything in Target. you NEED it.

phd in yogurtry said...

when you figure out the answer, write your own self help book -- and then you can shop at Target til your heart's content!

Stacie said...

Madge, I am SO NOT taking you to Target with're like that little red devil on my shoulder..

phd- I'm not sure anyone would notice if I wrote a selfhelp book since there are so many on the shelves as it is...I just don't think I could compare with Dr. Phil's bright, shiny bald head.

Louise said...

I agree with phd, and you would be funny!

Target: I don't shop much--anywhere. But if I happen to, Target is where I go. It's just a disaster. Just that $1 section alone can kill me. Like I NEED anything there!