Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tony at Work

I wanted to answer Phd in Yogurtry's question in the comments but I couldn't post the pictures there. I found these on the internet (I don't keep a lot of Tony's art on my computer because the way he scans in his art makes the images huge for printing..yada yada yada). These images are small and I tried to make them bigger sorry..Here's Tony actually doing work.

Here's an example of his work. This is a nice cover because the guy who poses for the man character in Ex Machina is married to the character in the background in real life. Just the prettiest people you'd ever like to meet and so nice too.

I wish that I could match up some photos with the art but that would require my going into his studio and I make it a point to NEVER go into his studio.


Louise said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm not exactly sure WHY you sont' go into the studio, but if it were Prince Charming, it would make me crazy to see the disarray. Wise choice.

Madge said...

Why isn't there a drawing of you and I sitting around knitting in one his comics? Hmmm??? Talk about compelling art. or you trying to teach me how to drink a freakin' Corona? oh. he doesn't do comedy. Ok

phd in yogurtry said...

Ooh, thanks for the glimpse! What an amazing drawing.

Ok, I've had the priviledge of knowing deeply, individuals immersed in the comic book industry, who have accumulated a fan base, for lack of better word, and so my question, do you ever worry about your identity being known, via this blog, and having, err, fans, trying to infiltrate your domestic tranquility? Am I sounding like a lunatic? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Stacie said...

phd- We're really not that worried..Outside of conventions and store signings he's pretty unknown. He did have some weirdo stealing his trash down at the old studio once. That was bizarre but the guy he sold the stuff (sketches, pay stubs, etc. Obviously before I took over the business)to knew us and gave it back to us. That's about it. We're unlisted in the phone book and well, I got those two pics from someone else's blog :/

Madge-bought a 12 pack of corona today and some lime...let me know if you have to escape sometime soon..