Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back on the WA WA...

Today I started back on Weight Watchers...I don't know why I think it will work this (the billionth) time. Actually, it always works...I just quit after a few months. I do have to say that I never gain more than half back, so I figure by the time I am 92 years old I will be the exact weight that I imagine I should be. Damn! I'll look good then!

What bothers me most about being overweight is the impact I may have on my daughters. I try never to say anything disparaging about myself around my children and I try not to make it everyone's business that I am counting points or limiting the Oreos (ahhh Oreos...). But what message am I sending to them that I am not even aware of? I don't exercise and the fact that I am overweight must send some message...You know, if everyone just realized that I am a goddess, things would be a lot easier!

And then there's the BATHING SUIT ISSUE!!! I had to go and buy one this year. Last year I was pregnant and didn't give a rat's you-know-what what I looked like...and never felt more beautiful...what kind of sense does THAT make? So I picked the least of the five evils that I tried on at Macy's and went to the pool. It's a really cute suit and considering that I am overweight, I am happy with it. I am hoping my positive attitude takes care of some of the less obvious physical flaws.

Besides, my 8 year old little girl thinks I am beautiful in it and that's what matters to me.


Louise said...

My mom was always overweight. She half-heartedly exercised, but was active more than anything. She just loved to eat. It didn't affect me badly. I was skinny for a long time. And I'm great at exercise now so to NOT be like she was.

But good for you for trying to protect your daughters from the bad feelings of it. You never know how things affect you. And if you came to my pool, I PROMISE there would be lots more overweight than you!

Madge said...

i'm back on the WA WA too -- again -- even though i posted about it today in a not so postive manner. whatever.