Thursday, July 24, 2008

Living with THE ARTIST

Hi All! I am married to an artist...for those of you who are not married to an artist you might think that this is fun and interesting...and yes, it is. BUT (of course there's a BUT!)being married to a comic book artist can drive you right to the door of the looney bin! Not a problem, I am quite familiar with how to get there.

I guess I am lucky because I "get" to stay at home with my kids but that also means I "get" to stay home with my husband too. My husband's work is VERY photorealistic and that means he takes lots of photos of lots of people doing lots of crazy expressions and poses (don't worry, nothing kinky). He knows that I H*A*T*E his taking pictures of me and that if he does I will NOT make stupid expressions...For example...

Here he is very threatening...

and here he has made himself a homeless dude...yes, his hat says "Smart Ass White Boy." Heeyyyy! That's my vintage quilt he's dragged outside!

and this is one of my favorite pics!

and now for the action shot!

This makes for very interesting conversation at neighborhood get togethers...except ALL of my neighbors are in his comic books. One actually has a fan base. I'll bet if I brought her to conventions fanboys would line up to see who poses for Amy Angotti in Ex Machina (yeah, that's one of his, I don't read it either).

Good Lawd! I was just looking back at one of those pics and my floor is NAST-EE! OCD aside, he has been known to bargain with me for photographs. NOT THOSE KIND OF FAVORS! GEEZ! Well, not all the time anyhow...

So, fair warning, should our paths ever meet, you might have a camera stuck in your face by a bearded crazy man shouting "A NEW FACE! Gimme mad, no I mean REALLY mad...okay, now act like your climbing stairs, do you know how to hold a gun? Don't worry, it's not real."

This post is like my ultimate payback for all the pics he's conned me into or just taken without asking. On the downside, he knows I'm posting them and he doesn't care. Well, I had fun anyhow.


Madge said...

ok, but i want to see the really weird pictures of tony. these just look like every-day-normal tony.

Louise said...

Since I've never met you, or Tony, I'm not sure if it's funny, but I think what Madge said is hilarious!

Yeah, I don't envy the camera-in-your-face part of your life!

And you can come look at my sky anytime. I already have a blender, so you can have room for something more interesting!

phd in yogurtry said...

So he takes pictures of real people's intense facial expressions, and then draws from them? I'm picturing typical cartoon drawings, not photo-enhancements?

Your husb looks hilariously fun & energetic!

Stacie said...

PhD- he draws from them...Sets the scene up like the script says and shoots it...I'll see if I can dig up some page work so you can see the finished product. Oh he's hilarious alright..I'm laughing my ass off...nope, false alarm, it's still there..